Spirit of Ether. (Ph. Brit.) Etheris Sulphurici Spiritus. Spirit of Sulphuric Ether. (Ph. Ed.) A combination of Sulphuric Ether fl. oz. x.. and Rectified Spirit fl. oz. xx. Sp. Gr. .809.

Aetheris Spiritus Compositus. Compound Spirit of Ether. (Ph. Lond. 1851.) Etheris Sulphurici Comp. Spiritus. The compound Spirit of Sulphuric Ether. (Ph. Lond. 1836.) A combination of Ether fviij., Rectified Spirit fxvj., Etherial Oil fiij. Hoffman's Mineral Anodyne Liquor.

Med. Prop. and Action. Diffusible, stimulant, and anti-spasmodic. They are best given in combination with other remedies. Offic. Prep. of Spirit of Ether. Tinctura LobeliAe Aetherea (see Lobelia Inflata).

Dose of Spirit of Ether, exxx. - fl. drs. iss.; of the Compound Spirit, exxx. - fl. drs. iss.

1123. Therapeutic Uses

In Spasmodic Asthma, the combination of Ether with Opium or Henbane, given during the paroxysm and repeated according to the severity of the symptoms, is a very valuable palliative. In most cases it proves serviceable, but occasionally it appears to aggravate the attack.

1124. In Spasmodic Affections of the Bowels, flatulence, and flatulent Colic, it may be administered with the best effects. It is particularly serviceable when these occur in hysterical females.

* Dict. Pract. Med., vol. i. p. 625.

1125. In Cholera, it has been extensively employed as a stimulant in the stage of collapse. In some cases, it seems to have roused the sinking vital powers. It requires to be given in large doses, with other stimulants.

1126. In Typhus And Other Low Fevers, It Is Often Productive Of Excellent Effects

It is particularly useful when nausea, sub-sultus tendinum, and other spasmodic symptoms, are present. (Thompson.)

1127. In Ear-Ache, Exposing The Ear To The Fumes Of Spt

Aether. is often attended with great relief. It may be effected, by mixing equal parts of the Spirit and hot water in a phial, and applying its aperture to the external ear. Dr. A. T. Thompson says that he has seen it effectual, when dropped into the external meatus.

1128. Hiccough Is Often Immediately Arrested By Exx

- exxx. of Spt. Aether. in drs. x. of some aromatic water.

1129. In irreducible Hernia, it has been applied externally to the hernial sac, as an evaporating lotion. The degree of cold which it induces has occasionally a good effect, the hernia return-ing immediately after its application. It frequently fails; anaesthesia by Ether is far more successful. (See Chloroform.)

Ethiops Mineral. See Hydrargyri Sulphuretum cum Sul-phure.