Bone Set. Nat. Ord. Synan-thereae. Hab. United States.

Med. Prop. and Action. Stimulant, diuretic, and sudorific. In doses of gr. xv. mildly purgative; in larger doses, emetic.

1131. Therapeutic Uses

In the Influenza which was epidemic in the United States in 1844, Bone Set was used extensively, and, it is stated, with the best effects. Dr. Peebles,* who bears testimony to its efficacy, advises an infusion (dried leaves j., Boiling Water Oj.) in doses of a wine-glassful, to be drunk warm, every half-hour; the patient remaining in bed the whole time. The fourth or fifth dose produced profuse perspiration, sometimes vomiting: this was followed by immediate relief. It was subsequently given only every three or four hours.