Reduced Iron. Ferri Pulvis. Powder of Iron. (Ph. Dub.) Fer Reduit. Metallic Iron with a variable amount of Magnetic Oxide of Iron. Prepared by reducing Peroxide of Iron to the metallic state, by heating it in a gun-barrel in a furnace, and passing through it dry hydrogen gas.

Med. Prop. and Action. A powerful hAematinic and tonic. It possesses the blood-restoring powers of Iron, without any astringent property (Garrod). It usually sets easily on the stomach, but sometimes gives rise to disagreeable eructations of hydrogen or sulphuretted hydrogen gas. It does not possess the inky taste of other ferruginous preparations, - a circumstance which enhances its value as a medicine for children. Like other preparations of iron, it blackens the stools. It may be given in the form of pill or powder, or in lozenges or bon-bons made with chocolate.§ It is taken advantageously with a meal.

Dose, gr. ij. - gr. vj.

Therapeutic Uses. In Anaemia, Chlorosis, and Amenorrha, it exerts the same beneficial influence as other ferruginous preparations. It has been given with advantage in Chorea. M. Coste* states that he has used it with good effect in cases of Enlarged Spleen following Ague, in doses of gr. 3/4 to gr. iiss.

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