Acetate of Iron. Acetate of the Peroxide of Iron (Fe3O3, 3 A). Eq. Wt. 233.

Med. Prop. and Action. The Acetate of Iron is used in the form of Tincture (Tinct. Ferri Acetatis, Ph. Dub.). This possesses the usual medicinal properties of a ferruginous compound. It is a very agreeable, mild chalybeate. An Ethereal Tincture of the Acetate has been recommended by Dr. Waters in the treatment of Pulmonary Emphysema of the degenerative form, especially when complicated with bronchitis. From its stimulating properties, it acts as an expectorant. He gives it in acute attacks of Bronchitis complicating Emphysema, as soon as the urgent symptoms are ameliorated, and whilst the secretion from the bronchial tubes is still profuse.

Dose of the Tincture, ex. - exl i of the Ethereal Tincture, ex. - exx every four or six hours.