Bisulphate of Iron and Alumina. Prep. When ten parts of well-washed Alumina, three of soft Iron filings, and five of Carbonate of Soda or Potash, are compressed for a considerable time in distilled water, a clear carbonated solution is obtained. This is treated with Sulphuric Acid in excess, and a Bisulphate results, in the crystals of which the Iron is permanently secure from rusting or peroxidizing in the air. When given internally it does not irritate, and when used externally it neither rusts nor stains the linen.

Dose, gr v. - x. in Aromatic Water.

1141. Therapeutic Uses

Sir J. Murray, who introduced this preparation, enumerates the following diseases in which he found it eminently successful: - 1, Relaxation and a vitiated state of the Alimentary Canal; 2, Chronic Diarrhoea, and Dysentery; 3, Cholera; 4, Chlorosis, and all debilitating Mucous discharges; 5, Pyrosis; 6, Spasms of the Stomach; as a gargle in Sore Throat and in Salivation; as a stimulating lotion to foul and flabby Ulcers; as a collyrium in Ophthalmia; and as a styptic in Hmorrhage from the Nose, Leech-bites, &c.