Ammonio-Chloride of Iron. Ammoniated Iron. A compound of Perchloride of Iron 15, Hydrochlorate of Ammonia 85, in 100 parts.

Med. Prop. and Action. Tonic and alterative. On account of the small and variable quantity of Iron which it contains, it is rarely employed. In large doses, it is aperient. A tincture of the Ammonio-Chloride of Iron is contained in the Pharm. Lond. 1851.

Dose of the Salt, gr. iv. - gr. xij.; of the Tincture, ex. - fl. drm. ss.

* Journal de Med, de Bordeaux, Mai 1853. On Emphysema of the Lungs, pp. 90-98.

Dublin Medical Press, March 14, 1849.

Therapeutic Uses. The same as those of the Ammonio- Citrate, to which it is very inferior. In Intermittent*, it was successfully employed by Huxham* and others. In Cancer, it is favourably spoken of by Dr. Denman.f