Citrate of Iron and Ammonia.

Ammonio-Citrate of Iron. A compound of Ammonia, Peroxide of Iron, Citric Acid, and Water. Probable Formula (Fe, O3, NH,O, HO, C,12H5O11 + 2 HO).

Med. Prop, and Action. A mild and valuable tonic and blood-restorer, in doses of gr. v. - x., in solution. It is particularly adapted for children, and for those cases where the stomach is too irritable to bear the more powerful salts, as it is devoid of any unpleasant taste, possesses scarcely any astrin-gency, and its properties are extremely mild and unirritating. It is the most preferable of all the mild salts of Iron.

1144. Therapeutic Uses

In Debility after exhausting Diseases, and in the AnAemic states of Children, the Ammonio-Citrate of Iron is a valuable and efficacious remedy. It is particularly indicated when the stomach is irritable, when it may be advantageously combined with Infus. Calumbae.

1146. In Scrofulous Affections of Children, Tabes Mesenterica, &c., the Ammonio-Citrate is eminently serviceable. Its mild taste, which may be further disguised by Syrup, is no small recommendation for its use for children; and striking benefit often results from it, especially in mesenteric disease. To a child of three years old, gr. ij. may be given, twice or thrice daily.

1146. In Dyspepsia occurring in Scrofulous subjects, it is often productive of the best effects.