Arseniate of Iron. A combination of Arsenic Acid and Protoxide of Iron. (3FeO, AsO5) partially oxidated.

* Opera Med., vol. ii. p. 29.

Obs. on the Cure of Cancer, p. 77.

Med. Prop. and Action. Alterative and tonic. It is believed to possess the combined properties of Iron and Arsenic. It is chiefly used in skin diseases, accompanied by anAemia.

Dote, gr. 1/20 - 1/10.

1150. Therapeutic Uses

In Elephantiasis, Eczema, Psoriasis, Lepra, Lupus, Lichen, and in other obstinate cutaneous diseases, Biett employed the following formula with success: -1150 Therapeutic Uses 92 Ferri Arsen. gr. iij., Pulv. Althese vel Glycyrr. 5ss., Syr. Aurant. q. s; mix very thoroughly, and divide into forty-eight pills, of which one is to be taken daily. It was also used externally, in the form of ointment (j. - 3s. to j. of Cerate). According to Duparc,* this salt in doses of gr. 1/3 daily is competent in the adult to effect the cure of a herpetic or squamous affection, however extensive or long-established.

1151. In Cancer, It Was Employed Externally By Mr

Carmichael; but, from the danger attendant upon the application of arsenical preparations to ulcerated surfaces, it has been abandoned in these cases.