Bromide of Iron. (FeBr.) It becomes decomposed on exposure to the air: Bromine is pet free and Peroxide of Iron formed. It is therefore best given in combination with Syrup, by which its oxidation is prevented.

syrupus Ferri Bromidi. Syrup of Bromide of Iron. Prepared by heating together 200 grs. of Bromine, 85 grs. of Iron filings, and 2,000 grs. of Water, until the solution becomes of a light, green colour. It is then filtered, and 1400 grs. of Sugar dissolved in it by aid of a gentle heat. Med. Prop, and Action. Tonic, alterative, and resolvent In America it has been used with benerit in the treatment of Scrofulous Tumours, Glandular Enlargements, Erysipelas, and Amenorrha. On the Continent it has been successfully employed in the treatment of Hypertrophy of the Uterus. It appears to resemble the Iodide in its therapeutical action. The Syrup has been prescribed in Phthisis, Tubercular Affections, and Bronchocele. Externally, it has been used in the form of ointment as an application to Scrofulous Swellings. (Bromide of Iron, one part; Glycerine, one part; Pure Lard, fourteen parts). J Dose of the Salt, gr. j. - gr. iij. in pill; of the Syrup, exx., gradually increased.