Saccharated Carbonate of Iron. Ferri Carbonas cum Saccharo. Carbonate of Iron with Sugar. Carbonate of Iron (FeO, CO2) mixed with Peroxide of Iron and Sugar, and forming at least 57 per cent. of the mixture. Prepared by decomposing a solution of Sulphate of Iron by means of Carbonate of Soda, collecting the precipitated Carbonate of Iron on a filter, subjecting it to expression, and then rubbing it with Sugar in a porcelain mortar, and drying the mixture at a temperature not exceeding 212°.

* Med. Times and Gaz., Sept. 2, 1864.

Draper, Manual of the Iron Preparations, p. 12. Ibid.

Med. Prop. and Action. Haematinic, tonic, and emmenagogue. It possesses no astringency. In its operation it closely resembles the other salts of Iron (sect. 1136).

Offic. Prep. L Mistura Ferri Composita (See Ferri Mistura Comp.). 2. Pilula Ferri Carbonatis (Saccharated Carbonate of Iron oz. j.; Confection of Roses oz. 1/4). Dose, gr. iv. - gr. xx. or more.

Dote of the Saccharated Carbonate, gr. iij. - gr. xx. or more.

Carbonate of Iron may also be given in aerated solution. 3,000 parts of a solution of Carbonic Acid prepared at the ordinary pressure of the atmosphere will hold in solution one part of Carbonate of Iron. If the solution be made with the aid of the apparatus employed in manufacturing aerated waters, it has the advantage of being less liable to change, and of containing an excess of Carbonic Acid. * The Ferri Carbonas Effervescens of Dr. Skinner, of Liverpool, is another convenient form of administering Carbonate of Iron. It is a granulated compound, containing Carbonate of Iron, Tartrate and Citrate of Soda, Sulphate of Soda and Sugar. 90 grs. contain 4 grains of Carbonate of Iron. Dose, gr. lx. - gr. xc. in Aq. fl. oz. v., two or three times a day.

Therapeutic Uses. Similar to those of Ferri Peroxidum.

1154. In Habitual Constipation, Dr

Graves considers that the value of the Carbonate of Iron has not been duly appreciated, and adds that he has succeeded in curing with it alone a patient who had long been subject to extreme constipation, and who had been reduced to the necessity of taking an immense dose of purgatives almost every week.