The Citrate of Iron. Two Citrates are employed in medicine: 1, The Protocitrate, or the Citrate of the Protoxide of Iron; 2, The Percitrate, or the Citrate of the Peroxide of Iron. These salts have often been confounded with Ferri et AmmoniAe Citras, the three salts having been mdiscriminately called the Citrate of Iron.

Med. Prop. and Action. Mild chalybeates.

The dose of the Protocitrate is gr. ij. - viij. in pills; of the Percitrate, gr. ij. - x. in pill or solution, with Syrup.

Therapeutic Uses. The same as those of Ferri Ammonio-Citras; but they are of inferior value, having a strong taste and not combining with alkalies.