Sesqui-Ferrocyanide of Iron. Prussian Blue. (4 Fe, 3 Cfy) or (7 Fe, 9 Cy). Eq. Wt. 430.

Med. Prop. Tonic, sedative, in doses of gr. v. three or four times a day; used externally in the form of ointment (gr. lx., Lard oz. j.); rarely used.

1157. In Intermittent and Remittent Fevers, it was successfully employed by Zollickoffer,§ in doses of gr. iv., repeated two or three times daily.

1158. In Epilepsy, Dr

Kerchoff prescribed it with advantage, in doses of gr. j., increased to gr. iij. (Thompson.)

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1159. To Cancerous Ulcers, it has been employed in the form of ointment, but with no evident advantage.