Iodide of Iron; called also the Ioduret, the Hydriodate, and the Proto-Iodide of Iron. Fel + 5 HO. A compound of Iron 14, Iodine 63.3, Water 22.7, in 100 parts.

Med. Prop. and Action. Tonic, emmenagogue, and deobstruent. The syrup is the best form for administration. It is a very valuable salt, and is particularly adapted for persons of a scrofulous diathesis. Its effects as a tonic are soon evident, promoting digestion, increasing the appetite, and improving the general health. It is absorbed into the system and is eliminated by the kidneys, both the constituents having been detected in the urine, after its administration. In large doses (gr. x.) it often occasions much gastric irritation, vomiting, and sometimes diuresis. The fasces are blackened by it, as by the other salts of Iron.

Offlc. Prep. 1. Syrupus Ferri Iodidi. (Prepared by digesting Iodine oz. ij. and Fine Iron Wire oz. j. with Distilled Water fl. oz. lij. at a gentle heat, till the froth becomes white. The liquid is then to be filtered whilst hot into a syrup composed of Sugar oz. xxviij. and Distilled Water fl. oz. x., and mixed. The product should weigh 21bs. lloz. and have the sp. gr. of 1.385.) Fl. drm. j. contains gr. ivss. of the Iodide. Dose, exv. - fl. drm.j.

2. Pilula Ferri Iodidi

(Prepared by agitating grs. xl. of Fine Iron Wire with grs. lxxx. of Iodine and e1. of Distilled Water in a strong stoppered ounce phial until the froth becomes white. The fluid is then poured upon grs. lxx. of powdered refined sugar in a mortar, and triturated briskly; grs. cxl. of Liquorice powder are then to be gradually added to the mixture.; Gr. j. of Iodide of Iron is contained in gr. iiss. of the pill Dose, gr. iiss. - gr. viij. or more.

Dose of the Iodide of Iron, gr. j. - v. or viij.

Incompatible*. Acids; Alkalies and their Carbonates; most Metallic Salts; all vegetable astringents; and many organic solutions.

1161. Therapeutic Uses

In AnAemia connected with Phthisis and Scrofula, Dr. Turnbull* considers that this is one of the best of tonics, where it does not prove too stimulating. It seems to promote the secretions more than any of the other salts of Iron, and it sometimes acts as a diuretic. It may also be given with advantage in all cases of Anaemia, associated with glandular enlargements and other scrofulous manifestations. The syrup, in doses of exx. - fl. drm. j. thrice daily, is the best form.

1162. In Scrofulous enlargement of the Lymphatic Glands, in Tabes Mesenterica, and other forms of Scrofula, attended with debility and emaciation, the Iodide of Iron, in the form of syrup, is a powerful and efficacious remedy. It improves the general health, and, at the same time, causes a marked reduction of the size of enlarged glands.

1163. In Phthisis, it was strongly advised by Dupasquier,t who states that, in some apparently hopeless cases, it effected a perfect cure; and that it always produced amelioration for a shorter or longer time. Louis,* however, gave it a fair trial, and reported unfavourably of it. Dr. Cotton thus sums up the result of his experience with the Iodide in Phthisis: - 1. Syrup of the Iodide of Iron, in doses of f3J. twice or thrice daily, occasionally produces headache, with some dyspeptic symptoms, but for the most part it agrees very well with consumptive patients.

* Lectures on Plethora and Anaemia, Lancet, April 1846.

Journ. de Pharm., March 1841.

2. Although very far from exhibiting a specific effect, it nevertheless seems to act very beneficially in a fair number of consumptive cases, especially when the disease is only in an early stage.