Lactate of Iron. Best obtained by decomposing solution of Lactate of Lime with a solution of Sulphate of Iron.

Med. Prop, and Action. Mild chalybeate. MM. Gelis and Conte state that they were led to the preference of Lactate over the other salts of Iron from the Lactic Acid which exists in the gastric juice acting upon it more readily than upon any other ferruginous salts. Dr. A. Cordier § has lately arrived at a similar conclusion. Its superiority in any respect, however, is doubtful.

Dose, gr. x. - gr. xx., in divided doses, daily.

1174. Therapeutic Uses

In AnAemia and Chlorosis it was successfully employed by Gelis and Cont6;|| and in AmenorrhAea and in DysmenorrhAea, by Bouillard.¶ It has no especial efficacy to recommend it.