Griffith's Mixture. Prep. Take of Sulphate of Iron grs. xxx., Carbonate of Potash grs. xxv., Myrrh in powder grs. lx., Sugar grs. lx., Spirit of Nutmeg fl. drm. j., Rose Water fl. oz. viij. Triturate the Myrrh and Carbonate of Potash with the Sugar, the Spirit of Nutmeg, and seven ounces of the Rose Water, the latter being gradually added until a uniform mixture is obtained. To this add the Sulphate of Iron previously dissolved in the remaining ounce of Rose Water, and enclose the mixture at once in a bottle, which should be tightly corked. The Iron in this mixture is in the form of Carbonate. It is converted into the Peroxide by keeping, if air be not excluded.

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Med. Prop. and Action. Blood restorative, tonic, emmenagogue, and anti-hectic. Dose, fl. oz. j. - fl. oz. ij., two or three times daily.

Therapeutic Uses, those of the Saccharated Carbonate of Iron. It has long had a high repute in the treatment of Chlorosis and AmenorrhAea.

1176. In Hectic Fever, Phthisis, this formula has obtained great celebrity; it is often productive of marked benefit, particularly when much debility and anaemia exist. It occasionally causes headache, nausea, and heat of skin, in which case it should be discontinued.

1177. In Epilepsy Arising From Anaemia Or Debility, Dr

Hope* particularly recommends this formula, above the other preparations of Iron, in doses of f3x. with f3y. - f3iij. of the decoction of Aloes, thrice daily. It should be taken one or two hours after meals, as on an empty stomach it occasionally creates nausea; and should be persevered in for a month at least.

1178. In Granular Disease Of The Kidney, Dr

Copland states that he has derived great benefit from the salts of Iron, particularly from the Mist. Ferri Co.

1179. In Chronic Bronchitis, Dr

Graves prescribes this mixture with the view of improving the general system, and checking the superabundant secretion from the bronchial tubes. He prefers this mixture to a simple chalybeate, because the other ingredients, namely the myrrh and potash, have a tendency to produce the same effect. He orders f3j. or f3ij. to be taken thrice daily, and dilutes this quantity with fss. - fj. of almond emulsion or mint water. Given in these small doses, he considers the remedy to be safer and more effectual.