Tincture of the Perchloride of Iron. Tinctura Ferri Sesquichloridi. Tincture of the Sesquichloride of Iron. Tinct. Ferri Muriatis. Mu-riated Tincture of Iron. Composed of 5 fl. oz. of Solution of Perchloride of Iron and 15 fl. oz. of Rectified Spirit. This Tincture has the same strength as the Tinct. Ferri Sesquichloridi of the Lond. Pharm., but one-fourth the strength of the Tinct. of the Dub. Pharm.

Med. Prop. and Action. Hsematinic, tonic, astringent, and diuretic. It is one of the most powerful of the preparations of Iron, and may he advantageously administered whenever these are indicated. Externally it is caustic, applied to Warts, &c., and as a styptic to superficial wounds, &c. In large doses it is an irritant poison. Its continued use constipates the bowels.

Dote, .ex. - exl. or more.

Incompatible*. Alkalies and their Carbonates; Lime Water; solutions containing gum; and all vegetable astringent infusions.

1190. Therapeutic Uses

Diseases of the Genito-Urinary Organs. In Affections of the Bladder depending upon Disease of the Kidneys, Sir B. Brodie states that he has employed this Tincture with advantage, in doses of eiviij- - xvj. twice daily, either in water or infusion of Buchu. It requires to be persevered in.

1191. In Retention of Urine from Spasmodic Stricture of the Urethra, the Tincture in ten-minim doses, repeated every quarter or half hour, was first proposed by Mr. Cline. It has been extensively employed, in the majority of cases with success. Occasionally it fails to afford relief. It should not be used to the exclusion of the hot-bath, opiate enemas, &c.

1192. In Incontinence Of Urine In Children, It Is Occasionally Of Great Service

It may be given in doses of from eiij. to x. thrice daily, either alone or combined with a few drops of T. Hyoscyami.

1193. In Atonic HAemorrhage from the Kidneys, Uterus, and Bladder, occurring in debilitated subjects, it may be given with much advantage, in doses of evx. - xx. several times daily. In HAematuria, Dr. Owen Rees§; considers this the best form of Iron for internal use. Dr. Breslau; of Munich,|| relates a case of obstinate Menorrhagia cured by injections of this Tincture, fiss. diluted with fiss. of water.

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1194. In Leucorrha And Dysmenorrha, Mr

Clay,* of Manchester, speaks highly of the Muriated Tincture, given as follows: -1194 In Leucorrha And Dysmenorrha Mr 95 T. Ferri Sesquichlor. eiij., T. Opii exj., Aq. fiss., ft. haust. 4tis horis sumend.

1195. In Chlorosis, Dr

Golding Bird considers that it is the best form of Iron which can be employed.

1196. In Gonorrhoea, Dr

Pereira states that he has found this Tincture, in combination with T. Cantharidis, occasionally successful in the latter stages of Gonorrhoea, after a variety of other remedies have failed. In cases of Prostatorrha occurring in weak, debilitated subjects, Prof. Gross§ speaks highly of a combination of this Tincture and Nux Vomica. When the patient is plethoric, antimonials and salines are indicated.