Solution of the Pernitrate of Iron (Fe2O3 3 NO5) in water. Prepared by dissolving Iron Wire in Nitric Acid and diluting with Distilled Water.

Each fl. drm. contains 7.865 grs. of Pernitrate of Iron. 1.107.||

Med. Prop. and Action. Astringent and tonic in doses of ex. - fl. drm. j. in water; diluted, it has also been used as an enema and injection.

1210. Therapeutic Uses

In the Diarrhoea of Children, its efficacy has been established by Mr. Kerr¶, Prof. Graves,** and many others. It may be given in doses of a few drops, according to the age of the child, and it may be employed in the form of enema (ex. - xij). It appears to be a safe and efficient remedy.

1211. In Exhausting Hemorrhage, whether from the Lungs, Stomach, Kidneys, or Uterus, this preparation is reported to be

* On Diphtheria, 1859. Journ. of Pract. Med., Aug. 1860. Diseases of the Skin, p. 471. § Lancet, April 23, 1842.

|| Garrod, Essent. Mat. Med. and Therap., p. 78.

¶ Edin. Med. Surg. Journ., vol. xxxvii. p. 99.

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very efficacious. It requires to be given in large doses, from fl. drm. ss. to fl. drm. j.

1212. In Chronic Bronchitis, Diarrhoea, Dysentery, Gleet, py-rosis, Menorrhagia, and Leucorrha, Mr. Postgate* employed it with signal benefit. He states that, in all diseases attended with much debility, profuse discharges from the mucous surfaces, and where tonics and astringents are indicated, he has found this remedy, in doses of gutt. x. - xv. thrice daily, very advantageous.