Peroxide of Iron. Ferri Sesquioxi-dum. Sesquioxide of Iron; called also the Carbonate, the Subcarbonate, the Deutocarbonate, and the Red Oxide of Iron. (Fe2O3, HO.) A compound of Iron 70, Oxygen 30, in 100 parts; or, 2 Eq. Iron (2x28) = 56 + 3 Oxygen (3x8) =24 = 80, Eq. Wt.

Med. Prop. and Action. Blood restorative, tonic, and emmenagogue. It is also anthelmintic. The objections to its use are its disagreeable taste, and the quantity required to be taken before its specific effects are evident. It is an unirritating preparation of Iron, although it occasionally causes dyspeptic symptoms; and during its use occasional aperients are necessary to prevent it accumulating in the system. It speedily blackens the faeces. It is best given in honey or treacle.

Offic. Prep. Emplastrum Ferri (Peroxide of Iron oz. j.; Burgundy Pitch oz. ij.; Litharge Plaster oz. viij.).

Doge, gr. x. - gr. lx. or more.

1214. Therapeutic Uses

In AnAemia, this, in common with the other preparations of Iron, is of great value. Dr. Ashwell recommends the subjoined formula, which will often be borne where the other ferruginous compounds cause irritation: -

1214 Therapeutic Uses 98 Ferri Sesquiox. gr. viij., Pulv. Ipecac. Rad. gr. j., Hydrarg. c. Cret. gr. ij., M. ft. pulv. bis in die sumend.

1215. In Atonic Amenorrha, the Peroxide, in combination with aloetic purgatives, is of signal benefit. M. Bland found it effect a cure, on an average, in twenty-one days; and Dr. Churchill states that he has seen great benefit from its use. In Chlorosis, it is also an excellent remedy, in doses of gr. lx. thrice daily, given in combination with fl. drm. ss. of Spt. Amnion. A. or gr. v. - x. of Soda.

1216. In Hysterical Affections, particularly Aphonia, this preparation has been found of great service, given in the formula advised by Dr. Robertson:§ -1214 Therapeutic Uses 99 Ferri Subcarb. j. - 3ss., Pulv. Valerian. gr. x., M. ft. pulv. ter in die sumend. The shower-bath, at first tepid and afterwards cold, should be employed at the same time.

1217. In Diabetes attended with much debility, it is some-

* Med. Times, vol. xviii. p. 171. Diseases Peculiar to Females, 1845.

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times of great service. Dr. Prout* regards it "as an excellent remedy."

1218. Nervous And Spasmodic Affections

In Tic Douloureux and other Neuralgic Affections, the Peroxide of Iron has been successfully employed by Mr. B. Hutchinson. Dr. Elliotson, Sir Astley Cooper,§ and others. Dr. Elliotson strongly advocates its use, and relates several cases successfully treated by it, in doses of 3j. every six hours, and gradually increased until much larger quantities are taken. Children of eight years old will take from 3iv. - 5yj. daily. Strict attention to the bowels is necessary. It is necessary to add that, in other hands, it often fails. It is particularly indicated in Neuralgia occurring in debilitated subjects.