114) is stated to be an excellent application. It is only admissible in unbroken chilblains.

123. To indolent and other Ulcers, whether of the skin or mucous membranes, Alum has been found serviceable. It is particularly recommended by Dalmas. As it causes much irritation, he advises it to be combined with Opium, and made into an ointment with lard; used thus, it quickly determines the cicatrisation of ulcers. It occasionally gives rise to great irritation. To repress the growth of fungous granulations, burnt Alum, sprinkled over the surface, is very effectual. Dr. J. P. Walker, of the Bengal Medical Service, speaks in the highest terms of the benefit derived from a combination of Calcined Alum, Catechu, Opium, and Rusot (Extract of Berberis Asiatica) in the form of ointment, in the treatment of Hospital Gangrene.