Solution of the Albuminate of Iron and Soda. Prepared from Sulphate of Iron, caustic Soda and Albumen Ovi. A clear yellow fluid having an alkaline taste, but quite free from astrin-gency or inkiness.

Dose, fl. oz. ss. - ft. oz. j.

Med. Prop. and Action. Haematinic and tonic. A combination of Albumen and Iron was first recommended by Lassaigne. Various formulAe have been proposed for its preparation The theory on which the albuminate is recommended is as follows: - "The blood containing albumen, soda, and iron, the latter in such a form as not to be rendered evident by reagents until the organic combination is broken up, it is inferred that the metal exists as an albuminate of iron and soda, and that in cases where iron is indicated its exhibition in a like form is most calculated to ensure its absorption and assimilation."