Citrate of Iron and Strychnia. Prep. Dissolve 980 grs. of Citrate of Iron in 9 oz. of Water, and 10 grs. of Strychnia and 10 grs. of Citric Acid in 1 oz. of Water; mix the solutions, evaporate to a syrupy consistence, and spread on plates to dry in scales.§ It contains 1 per cent. of Strychnia.

Med. Prop. and Action. Blood restorative, tonic, and nervine stimulant. It possesses the combined properties of Iron and Strychnia. It has been successfully employed in cases of Atonic Dyspepsia, some forms of Paralysis, Chorea, and Amenorrha.

Dose, gr. ij. and upwards. Five grains contain one-twentieth of a grain of Strychnia.

A Citrate of Iron, Quinine, and Strychnia is also manufactured, containing the same proportion of Strychnia.

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