Sulphate of Iron. Sulphate of the Protoxide of Iron. Protosulphate of Iron. Green Vitriol. Copperas. FeO, SO3 + 7 HO. A compound of Protoxide of Iron 25.9, Sulphuric Acid 28.8, Water 45.3, in 100 parts; or 1 Eq. Protoxide of Iron = 36, + 1 Sulph. Acid = 40, + 7 Water = 63 = 139, Eq. Wt.

Ferri Sulphas Exsiccata. Dried Sulphate of Iron. FeO, SO3 + HO. Prepared by exposing Sulphate of Iron to a moderate heat, which is finally to be raised to 400° until watery vapour ceases to be given off.

Ferri Sulphas Granulata. Granulated Sulphate of Iron. Prepared by pouring a hot solution of Sulphate of Iron into Rectified Spirit, and stirring the mixture so that the salt shall separate in minute granular crystals.

Med. Prop. and Action. Blood restorative, tonic, astringent, emmenagogue, anti-periodic, and anthelmintic. It is one of the most valuable and effective of the salts of Iron. It is absorbed into the system, and has been detected in the blood and urine after a few doses; it also rapidly renders the faeces black. In large doses it gives rise to much gastric irritability, which may be partially obviated by combining it with Ext. Hyoscyami vel Conii. In excessive doses it is an irritant poison. Externally it is employed in lotions or washes (gr. j. - v. - x. ad Aq. j.). The granulated Sulphate has the advantage of being less prone to become oxidized than the common Sulphate.*

Dose of the Sulphate or granulated Sulphate, gr. j. - gr. iv. or more, in pill or solution, two or three times daily; of the dried Sulphate, gr. ss. - gr. ij. or more.

Incompatibles. Alkalies and their Carbonates; the Chlorides; Nitrate of Silver, the Acetates of Lead, and most other metallic salts; and all vegetable infusions containing Tannic or Gallic Aeids.

1241. Therapeutic Uses, In Anaemia,

Dr. Turnbull regards the Sulphate as the most effective of the salts of Iron; an opinion very generally entertained. It may be given in the form of pill, with the Extract of Gentian; with a sedative, as Conium; or with an aperient, as Pil. Rhei Co. or Pil. Aloes. It may also be given in solution, with a little Sulphuric Acid, which adds to its efficacy and assists to keep it in solution. It may thus, adds Dr. Turnbull, be given in combination with several other medicines required in Anaemia; and from this circumstance I have used it more frequently than any of the other preparations of Iron, and I have found it also one of the most efficacious." He speaks favourably of the following formula: -1241 Therapeutic Uses In Anaemia 101 Ferri Sulph., Ext. Aloes, Ext. Hyoscyam. aa j., M. et divid. in pil. xij. suniat. j. ter in die. Dr. Ashwell advises it in combination with Hops, thus: -Ferri Sulph. gr. j. - ij., Ext. Humuli gr. ij. - iij., ft. pil. ter in die sumend.

1242. In Palpitations In Anaemiic States, Dr

Abercrombie proposed the following pills, which Dr. Hope* says he has employed, in a great number of cases, and that he has been seldom disappointed in their operation: -1242 In Palpitations In Anaemiic States Dr 103 Ferri Sulph., Aloes aa gr. ij., Pulv. Cinnam. gr. v., M. ft. pil. ij. These are to be taken at dinner-time, and repeated at night if necessary.

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1243. In Chlorosis, the Sulphate of Iron is the most efficacious of all remedies (see ante). Dr. Marshall Hall recommends a pill composed of equal parts (gr. ij.) of the Sulphate of Iron and Aloes, to be taken daily, at dinner-time. He adds that, according to his experience, it is almost a specific. The bowels should be kept freely open with 01. Ricini. In Amenorrha, it is also a remedy of great efficacy. It may be given as above, or in the form of Mist. Ferri Co.