Tartarated Iron. Ferri Potassio-Tartras. The Potassio-Tartrate of Iron (Ph. Lond.). Ferrum Tartarizatum. Tartarized Iron, called also Po-tassAe Ferrico-Tartras. Tartrate of Iron and Potash (Fe2O3, KO, C8H4OI0 + HO).

Med. Prop. and Action. Tonic and diuretic, anthelmintic in large doses. It is a mild and efficient salt with a very slight taste, and is well adapted for children. It may be prescribed with Alkalies.

Offic. Prep. Vinum Ferri. (See Ferri Vinum.)

Dote, as a tonic and diuretic, gr. v. - gr. xx.; as an anthelmintic, gr. xxx. - gr. lx. thrice daily.

1264. Therapeutic Uses

In Dropsy and Anasarca, Dr. Dar-well* states that he found this salt very efficacious, acting at the same time as a tonic and diuretic. It affords a great amount of relief, he adds, in those cases of Anarsarca which are connected with disturbed action of the heart, and in which it would be dangerous to give any stimulating tonic.

1265. Against Worms,

Dr. Thompson found Tartarized Iron act particularly favourably, as a corroborant anthelmintic, in women and children He directs the bowels to be first cleared out with Calomel and Scammony, and then administers the salt, in doses of 3ss. - 3s., in solution, thrice daily. He states that he found this treatment very effectual.

1266. In Phagedenic Chancres, Mr

Acton relies on this salt, given internally in moderate and increasing doses. A solution is also applied to the sore. This treatment was first proposed by Ricord.

1267. In Phthisis It Is Recommended By Mr

J. K. Spender,§ on the ground that it may be prescribed with alkalies, which are indicated by undue acidity of the stomach, the common concomitant of pulmonary consumption.