Wine of Iron. Pharm. Brit. Frep. Tar-tarated Iron grs. clx. dissolved in Sherry Oj.

Ferri Vinum. Wine of Iron. Steel Wine. Pharm. Lond. A solution of Iron Wire j. in Sherry Oij. The iron becomes oxidized, and combines with the acids (malic, tartaric, and acetic (?)) contained in the wine.

Of the Vinum Ferri, Pharm. Brit. Mr. Squire* observes: - "The Tartarated Iron dissolves with difficulty in Sherry which is already saturated with Bitar-trate of Potash; indeed it will not all dissolve. This preparation is not nearly so satisfactory as that of the Lond. made with Sherry and Iron Wire, and far inferior to the old Steel Wine made with Malaga and Iron Wire." Med. Prop. and Action. These preparations are very useful, mild chaly-beates. They are particularly adapted for children, and for those whose stomachs are irritable.

Dose of Vinum Ferri (Ph. Brit.), fl. dim. j. and upwards for children, fl. drs. iv. and upwards for adults; of Vinum Ferri (Ph. Lond.), fl. drm. j. - fl. drs. iv.

Therapeutic Uses. Similar to those of Tartarated Iron.

1270. In Chlorosis, Anesmia, &c, occurring in young women of relaxed leucophlegmatic habits, Steel Wine (Ph. Lond.) is a popular remedy, and one which is occasionally productive of much benefit. Pil. Aloes c. Myrrh. may advantageously be given at the same time, and generous living and outdoor exercise enjoined. In Atonic Dysmenorrha, the following formula, advised by Dr. Locock,t is productive of great benefit; I have often employed it with manifest advantage: - ℞ Vin. Ferri (Ph. Lond.), Spt. Ether. S. C. aa f3j., Mist. Camph. fvj., sumat. 1/4 part. 6tis horis. In Phthisis, Steel Wine (Pharm. Lond.) is favourably spoken of by Dr. Cotton; he found it produce very good results, especially in children and young persons. He places much faith in its use, particularly when given with or immediately after meals.