Sea Wrack. Nat. Ord. AlgAe. When incinerated, was formerly known as Vegetable Ethiops.

Med. Prop. and Action. Alterative and deobstruent; particularly recommended externally and internally, in Scrofulous Affections, by Dr. R. Russel.' He states that be has substituted it for burnt sponge, and be thinks that " it far exceeds it in virtue." Any benefit which is derived from it is doubtless due to the small portion of Iodine which forms one of its constituents. As a remedy for Obesity, the Decoction, or which is preferable, the Extract of this Alga (in doses of grs. xl. - lxxx. daily, in divided doses) has been highly praised by Dr. Duchesne-Duparc,t and its efficacy has been confirmed in his own person by Dr. Godefroy: in a period of thirty-four days, under the use of the Extract in doses of grs. ivss., thrice daily, taken at the commencement of each meal, he lost nearly 3 1/4 lbs. in weight. Beyond its effect on the urine, which was rendered more abundant, high coloured, and odorous than before, he observed no physiological effect.

Dose, from gr. x. - gr. cxx. of the burnt Sea Wrack.