The Gum Resin of an unascertained Umbel-liferous plant, Galbanum Officinale (?), Don.; Opoidia Galbanifera (?), Lindley. Source, India and the Levant.

Med. Prop. and Action. Stimulant, anti-spasmodic, and expectorant. The Compound Galbanum Pill (Pharm. Lond.) (Galbanum 3ij., Myrrh, Sagapenum aa 3iij., Assaftida 3j., Soft Soap 3ij., Syr. q. s.), in doses of gr. x. - gr.xx., is a good form for internal use. As an anti-spasmodic, it is inferior to Assaftida, and may be ranked between it and Ammoniacum. It is regarded as emmen-agogue, and may be advantageously combined with the salts of Iron, in the treatment of Amenorrha. Externally applied in the form of plaster, it is discutient and stimulant.

Offic Prep 1. Emplastrura Galbani (Galbanum oz. j.; Ammoniac oz. j.; Yellow Wax oz. i.; Litharge Plaster oz. viij.). 2. Pilula AssaftidAe Coinposita. (See Assaftida.) Dose of Galbanum, gr. x. - gr. xx. in pill or emulsion.

1283. Therapeutic Uses

In Hysteria, Galbanum is often very beneficial. It is generally inferior in efficacy to Assaftida; but in some instances it agrees better, and produces an equal amount of benefit. The Emp. Galban. applied over the sacrum is a measure which frequently affords relief. It is particularly useful in hysteria connected with disordered uterine action.

1284. In Flatulence and Flatulent Colic, particularly when occurring in hysterical females, much benefit accrues from the use of Pil. Galb. Co. (gr. v. - x.), in combination with Pil. Rhei Co. and a small portion of Henbane.

1285. In Asthma, Galbanum is occasionally useful, in consequence of its expectorant properties; but it is inferior in efficacy, to Ammoniacum. It is also serviceable in Chronic Catarrhs.

1286. Neuralgia dependent upon Uterine derangement has, according to the experience of Mr. Cussack,§ often yielded to the following formula: -1283 Therapeutic Uses 107 Pil. Galb. Co. gr. iij. - vij., Pil. Hydrarg. gr. iij., M. ft. pil. alternis noet. sumend.

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1287. In Atonic Dyspepsia, Galbanum, given in the form mentioned under the head of Flatulence (supra), has an excellent effect.

1288. To Indolent Tumours Of A Non-Malignant Character, The Emp. Galban. is sometimes applied, with the effect of diminishing their size, or altogether causing their absorption.