Lady's Bed Straw. Wild Rosemary. Nat. Ord. Rubiaceae. Linn. Syst. Tetrandia Monogynia. Hab. England and other parts of Europe.

This plant has recently obtained some repute as an anti-spasmodic. it being the medicinal basis of the treatment for Epilepsy pursued with great alleged success by a M. Larnage in the neighbourhood of Tain, in France. At the commencement fl. oz. iv. or fl. oz. v. of the expressed juice is given after the patient has been fasting for some hours, and the action on the system so obtained is kept up by lozenges prepared from the juice. A rigid regimen, baths, exercise, and mental quietude are enforced. From the statements of M. Gamier, however, the alleged cures are a delusion and a snare, though a good deal of money is made by the sale of the lozenges! The value of the remedy maybe judged by the fact that it was officially tried at the Bicetre, near Paris, upon eight picked cases, and signally failed (Ranking). Those who wish to know more on this treatment may consult the long and interesting paper of Dr. Ogle, in the Lancet for May 1862.