Solution of the Acetate of Ammonia. Spirit of Mindererus. NH4O, C4 H3 O3, dissolved in water. Sp. gr. 1 .06. Prep. Strong solution of Ammonia fl. oz. iiiss.; Acetic Acid fl. oz. x., or a sufficiency of each ingredient to produce a neutral solution. This Liq. Ammonia Acetatis of the British Pharmacopoeia contains five times as much Acetate of Ammonia as the Liq. AmmoniAe Acetatis of the London Pharmacopoeia, and six times as much as the same solution of the Dublin and Edinburgh Pharmacopoeias.

Med. Prop. and Action. Refrigerant and diaphoretic. Externally it is employed as a lotion and collyrium.

Dote, exx. to fl. dr. i. properly diluted.

Incompatibles. Acids, Alkalies and their carbonates; Alum; Magnesia; Lime-water; Corrosive Sublimate; the sulphates of Iron, Copper, and Zinc; Nitrate of Silver; the Acetate of Lead.

130. Therapeutic Uses

In Febrile and Inflammatory Affections, and Exanthemata, those medicines which determine freely to the skin are well calculated to afford relief. Of these, none will generally answer the purpose more uniformly than Liq. Ammon. Acet. It is best given in combination, as follows: -130 Therapeutic Uses 12 Liq. Ammon. Acet. fl. drs. ij., Spt Aether Nit ,Vin. Ant. Tart. aa fl. drs. ij., Aq. fl. oz. vss. M. Dose, fl. oz. iss. twice or thrice daily. It also forms a good auxiliary to more active measures. In Catarrh, a similar formula may be employed with advantage. In Pneumonia and other acute diseases, Liq. Ammon. Acet. was prescribed by Dr. Todd as an adjunct to the stimulating treatment he employed.

* Garrod, Med. Times and Gazette, Feb. 6, 1864, p. 147.

131. In Inflammatory Dropsy, Dr

Todd * found Liq. Amnion. Acet. a very valuable sudorific, particularly when combined with small doses of Tartar Emetic. He advises it in doses of fss. (Pharm. Lond.) twice or thrice daily.

132. In Tonsillitis, The Febrifuge Mixture (Sect

130) will be found very useful, at the same time that the following formula may be advantageously used as a gargle:-132 In Tonsillitis The Febrifuge Mixture Sect 13 Liq. Ammon. Acet. fl. drs. ij., Spt. Vin. Rect, fl. oz. j., Aquae fl. oz. ivss. M.

133. In Porrigo Of The Scalp, Liq

Ammon. Acet. has been used by Dr. A. T. Thompson as a lotion with the best effect.

134. In Influenza, if the skin be hot and dry, the pulse frequent, and much febrile action be present, mild diaphoretics are indicated. Of these, Dr. Theophilus Thomson % considers this solution the most appropriate and efficacious. It may be advantageously given with other diaphoretics.

135. In Alopecia or Baldness, when the skin is furfuraceous, or the cuticle hard and shining, Dr. T. Todd § recommends the following lotion: -133 In Porrigo Of The Scalp Liq 14 Ammon. Acet., Ammon. Sesquicarb. aa 3ij., Alcohol fss., Aq. fiv., M. ft. lotio nocte maneque ap-plicand.

136. In Dysmenorrha, The Acetate Has Been Strongly Advised By Cloquet And Patin

They found it very successful in relieving the paroxysms of pain.