Country Sarsaparilla. (Ummtamul, Hind.) Nat. Ord. Asclepiadaceae. Linn. Syst. Pentandria Digynia. Hab. The whole continent of India.

Med. Prop, and Action. The root is alterative, tonic, and diuretic, in doses of fl. oz. ij. - fl. oz. iv. of the Infusion (oz. iv. ad Aq. Ferv. Oij.) every four hours. Dr. O'shaughnessy states, that his trials with it have been numerous and satisfactory. Its diuretic operation, he adds, is very remarkable; it acts also as a diaphoretic and tonic, and greatly increases the appetite. He considers its operation to be closely analogous to that of Sarsaparilla, but more decided; an opinion in which, after watching its operation in numerous instances, I fully concur.

Offic. Prep. Syrupus Hemidesmi (Bruised Heniidesmus oz. iv.; Refined Sugar oz. xxviij.; Boiling Distilled Water Oj.). Dose, fl. dnn. j. - fl. drs. ij.

Therapeutic Uses. Similar to those of Sarsaparilla, for which it forms an excellent substitute.