Hermodactyl. The Cormus or Bulb of an undetermined species of Colchicum. It has, for many centuries, been in high repute among the Greek and Arabian physicians, as a remedy for Gout and Rheumatism; numerous commendations in its favour occurring in the writings of Alexander Trallianus, Paulus Aegineta, Avieenna, Rhazes, Serapion, Haly Abbas, &c. Two kinds are met with in the Indian bazaars, the Sweet (Sorinjan Shereen) and the Bitter (Sorinjan Tulk). Chemical analysis affords no explanation of its action, as neither Veratria nor Colchicine have been discovered in either kind. Dr. O'shaughnessy* states, that from some trials which he made with the acetous tincture of the bitter kind, he is led to believe that it possesses all the virtues of the dried Colchicum of Europe. He adds that it certainly deserves a careful and extensive examination. Dose of the Tincture, Beng. Ph. (Sorinjan Tulk iv., Proof Spirit Oij.), exx. - xxx. thrice daily.

* Elements of Mat. Med. and Therapeutics, 1525.