Ammoniated Mercury. NH>Hg,,Cl. Hydrargyri Ammonio-Chloridum. Ammonio-Chloride of Mercury (Ph. Lond.). Hydrargyri Amido-Chloridum. White Precipitate. The Precipitate produced when Ammonia is added to a solution of Corrosive Sublimate. It may be regarded as a compound of Chloride with Amide of Mercury (HgCl + HgNH2). Comp. 2 Eq. Mercury = 200 + 1 Chlorine = 35.5 + 1 Nitrogen = 14 + 2 Hydrogen = 2 = 251.5, Eq. Wt

Med. Prop. and Action. It is said to bo a powerful salt, death having resulted from its use; but it is never given internally. Externally, it is employed in the form of ointment.

Offlc. Prep. Unguentum Hydrargyri Ammoniati (Ammoniated Mercury grs. lxiv.; Simple Ointment oz. j.). The Unguentum PrAecipitati Albi of the Pharm. Ed.

1373. Therapeutic Uses

Skin Diseases. In Acne Indurata, Impetigo, Porrigo, Herpes, and in some analogous cases, the White Precipitate ointment (ut supra) is an efficacious application. In Sycosis or Mentagra, its use is often attended with excellent effect; the parts should be bathed with Lotio Nigra before each application. In Herpes Zoster, Dr. Corfe * states that this ointment subdues the pain and irritation in a remarkable manner. It should be applied two or three times a day. In Lichen and Pityriasis Palmaris it is advised by Mr. E. Wilson. Ammoniated Mercury dusted on the surface, or employed in the form of ointment, destroys pediculi.

1374. In Ophthalmia Tarsi, the Ointment, applied to the margins of the eyelids at night, is sometimes of the greatest benefit