Mercury with Chalk. Grey Powder. Prep. Rub 1 oz. of Mercury with 2 oz. of Prepared Chalk, until globules are no longer visible. Gr. iij. contain gr. j. of Mercury.

Mod. Prop, and Action. Alterative in doses of gr. j. - iij.; aperient, gr. v. - xv. for adults, gr. j. - v. for children. It is rendered slightly antacid by the presence of the Chalk. It may be combined with Pulv. Rhei, Pulv. Cinnam., and also with alkalies; it is a mild, unirritatmg form, and particularly adapted for children. It should be given in sugar, syrup, or some viscid fluid.

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Dote, gr j. - iij.; as an aperient, gr. v. upwards.

It is incompatible with Acids and Acidulous Salts.

1458. Therapeutic Uses

In the Diarrhoea and Dysentery of Children, when the stools are clay-coloured, or composed of slime and blood, the following formula is particularly useful: -

1458 Therapeutic Uses 126 Hyd. c. Cret. gr. ij. - iij., Pulv. Aromat. vel P. CretAe Aromat. gr. iij., M. ft. pulv. bis in die sumend. Dr. Watson* prescribes the following powder: -Hyd. c. Cret. 5ss., Pulv. CretAe Co. (Pharm. Lond.), Sodae Carb. Exsic. aa 3j., M. Dose, gr. iij. - v. thrice daily. He advises its use particularly when AphthAe exist in the mouth, Borax being used as a local application.

1459. In The Diarrhoea Of Phthisis, Half-Grain Doses Of Hyd

c. Cret. are occasionally effectual in checking the discharge.

1460. In Gastric Remittent Fevers Of Children, Hyd

c. Cret. given every night or every other night, in combination with Ipecacuanha, and followed in the morning by a dose of 01. Pacini, has been found very useful. (Locock.)

1461. In Syphilis Infantum, Hyd

c. Cret. is the best form of Mercury for internal use. It may be continued for a considerable period, without giving rise to gastric irritation. In Syphilis in the Adult, Mr. Acton, Mr. H. Smith, and others, prefer Hyd. c. Cret. to the stronger forms of Mercury.

1462. Infantile Jaundice Is Best Treated With The Formula Recommended By

Dr. Watson in Diarrhoea, with an occasional dose of Castor Oil. (Copland.)