Cyanide of Mercury. HgCy.

Hydrargyri Bicyanidum, Percyanidum, vel Cyanuretum.

The Bicyanide, Percyanide, or Cyanuret of Mercury.

Called also Prussiate of Mercury. Comp. Mercury 79.6, Cyanogen 20.4, in 100 parts; or 1 Eq. Mercury = 100 +

1 Eq. Cyanogen = 26 = 126 Eq. Wt. Med. Prop. and Action. Alterative. Dote, gr. 1/16, gradually increased to J.

1464. Therapeutic Uses

In Primary and Secondary Syphilis, it has been employed by the French practitioners, who consider it preferable to Corrosive Sublimate, from its being less liable to produce gastric irritation. The following formulae are advised by M. Parent. For internal use: -1464 Therapeutic Uses 128 Hyd. Bicyan. gr. vj., Pulv. Opii gr. xij., mic. panis q. s. ft. pil. xcvj. Dose, j. or ii. twice or thrice daily. Gargle for Syphilitic Sore Throat: -Hyd.

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Bicyan. gr. x., Infus. Lini Oj., M. Ointment for Syphilitic Eruptions and Ulcers.- -1464 Therapeutic Uses 130 Hyd. Bicyan. gr. xij , Adipis j., M. Solution for external use: -Hyd. Bicyan. gr. vj. - x., Aq. Oj., M. In Syphilitic Eruptions, the solution and ointment have proved highly serviceable, particularly in that form of Herpes designated by Alibert H. squatnosus, the distressing irritability of which it greatly relieves.