Acid Solution of Nitrate of Mercury. Nitrate of Mercury, HgO,NO5, in solution in Nitric Acid. Solution of the Pernitrate of Mercury. Prepared by dissolving 4 oz. of Mercury in a mixture of 3 1/4 fl. oz. of Nitric Acid and 3 fl. oz. of Distilled Water. The solution is to be boiled gently for fifteen minutes, cooled, and preserved in a stoppered bottle. Sp. Gr. 2.246.

Med. Prop. and Action. Powerful caustic and escharotic; never employed internally. It should be applied to a space about 1 or 1 1/2 inch in diameter, by means of a brush; and lint, moistened with the solution, is then applied. An ulcerated surface thus dressed becomes immediately white; a kind of erysipelatous inflammation is set up in the surrounding parts; and in a few days a yellow scab gradually falls of. (Peroira.) The local application has been known to produce salivation.

Offic. Prep. Unguentum Hydrargyri Nitratis. (See art. Hydrargyri Nitratis Unguentum.)

1478. Therapeutic Uses

In obstinate Skin Diseases, it has been found a valuable escharotic. In Lupus, it has been successfully employed by Biett, Cloquet, Richeraud, &c.; and in Herpes Exedens, Scrofulous and Syphilitic Sores, and in aggravated cases of Lepra and Psoriasis, its local application has been attended with the best effects. It is too powerful an irritant for ordinary cases. Delpech* employed it as a caustic to primary Chancres.

1479. In Ulceration of the Cervix Uteri, this Acid Nitrate has been employed as a caustic. Lisfranc instituted a series of experiments as to the relative value of the Nitrate of Silver and the Acid Nitrate of Mercury in these cases. He states the results of 75 ulcerations of the Cervix Uteri. In 44, the Nitrate of Silver was employed, and in 31, a discharge of blood followed the application. In 28, the Acid Nitrate of Mercury was used, and there was a discharge of blood in three cases only. On the whole, he prefers the Mercury. Dr. J. H. Bennett considers Argent. Nit. preferable in mild cases, but in severe ones he speaks highly of the Nitrate of Mercury.