Diseases of the Skin. In Pemphigus Gangrenosus, it is strongly recommended by Dr. M'Adam,* together with the internal exhibition of the decoction of Cinchona. In Lepra, Psoriasis, and other squamous Diseases, it is highly spoken of by Rayer, E. Wilson, and others. In Sycosis, it is often productive of marked improvement. In Impetigo, and in all forms of Porrigo, when unattended by inflammation, it proves highly serviceable. In Ringworm, the strong ointment, rubbed for some minutes over the affected surface, twice daily, is often effectual in removing the disease. In Chloasma, and also in Favus, it has been used with advantage. In these and other skin diseases, the use of the ointment should be preceded by emollient poultices, the strength of the ointment being regulated by the feelings of the patient, as it should never be employed of a strength to cause pain; alteratives should be administered, the bowels carefully regulated, and strict cleanliness enforced.

1482. In Pruritus Scroti, It Is Highly Spoken Of By Dr

Bowling (U.S.). He advises the parts to be sponged with vinegar previous to its application. By these simple means he states that for fifteen years he has not failed in a single case to effect a permanent cure. In Pruritis Ani, it may also be used with advantage, combining it with the internal exhibition of Confect. Piperis.

1483. To irritable Ulcers, Sir Astley Cooper advises the following ointment: -1482 In Pruritus Scroti It Is Highly Spoken Of By  134 Ung. Hydrarg. Nit., Ung. Cetacei ss., Pulv. Opii rj., M. ft. unguent. To chapped Hands and Lips, the diluted ointment is a valuable application.

1484. In Ophthalmia Tarsi, Granular Conjunctivitis, &c, one of the most efficient applications is Ung. Hyd. Nit.; of which a small piece may be mixed with an equal weight of Almond Oil, and applied to the edges of the lids, at bedtime. The bowels and general health should be carefully attended to.