Sulphuret of Mercury. HgS. Hydrargyri Bisulphuretum. Bisulphuret of Mercury (Pharm. Lond.). Called also the Sulphide, the lied or Crystallized Sulphuret of Mercury, Cinnabar, Minium, or Vermilion. Comp. 1 Eq. Mercury = 100 +1 Sulphur = 16 = 116, Eq. Wt.

Med. Prop. and Action. Supposed to be alterative, when given internally to the extent of gr. x. - gr. xxx.; but it is very rarely employed. Its chief use is for fumigation, for which purpose gr. xxx. may be used. It should be heated on an iron plate and placed under the patient, who is to be covered with a blanket.

1501. Therapeutic Uses

Venereal Ulcers in the Throat and Nose often improve and assume a healthy appearance under the use of Cinnabar fumigations. Should no proper inhaling apparatus be at hand, Pereira advises the Sulphuret to be placed on a heated shovel, and the fumes inhaled through a funnel. It has the disadvantage of occasionally creating much irritation and violent cough; hence it should be avoided by persons who are labouring under Phthisis or chronic pulmonary disease.

1502. In Acne Syphilitica, The Most Efficacious Application Is Stated By Dr

Todd* to be local fumigation with Cinnabar. From gr. lx. - gr. cxx. may be sublimed (ut supra), and directed on the part by a suitable apparatus.

1503. In obstinate Prurigo of the Hands, Biett successfully employed the following ointment: -1502 In Acne Syphilitica The Most Efficacious Appl 136 Hydrarg. Bisulph. 3ij., T. Opii f3ij., Sulph. Sublim. ss., Adipis v , M. (E. Wilson.)

* Cyc. Pract. Med., vol. i. p. 32.