Ci6H5NO2. A substance prepared from various species of Indigofera. Nat. Ord. LeguminosAe. Source, India.

Med. Prop. and Action. Anti-spasmodic (?) in doses of a few grains, gradually increased. In excessive doses it induce* spasms. Pose, from gr. xxx. - gr. cxx. daily, commencing with a few grains.

1564. Therapeutic Uses

In Epilepsy, it has been used with apparent benefit. M. Podrecca* states that he employed it successfully in many instances: of 31 cases treated by Dr. Roth, 14 were cured, 11 relieved, and 6 derived no benefit. In the hands of Dr. Strahl, however, it failed; for of 10 cases treated with it, only 2 received any benefit, and even that was temporary. Dr. Strahl considers that it exercises a considerable influence on the uterus and genito-urinary organs; and, by its means, effected a cure in some cases of Amenorrha.