A preparation formed by triturating together Iodine, Tannin, and Water.

Med. Prop. and Action. It is considered to conjoin the alterative properties of Iodine with the astringency of Tannin. For internal use it is given in the form of Syrup (Iodine grs. xxx , Ext. of Rhatany grs. cxx., Water and Sugar of each enough to form Oiiss. of Syrup), in doses of fl. drs. ij. - ft. oz. ss. gradually increased. Each ounce contains about a grain of Iodine. For external or local use the following solution is advised: - Iodine grs. lxxv., Tannin oz iss., Water fl. oz. xxx.; filter and concentrate to fl. oz. iij. Its action is that of a stimulant and astringent.

1569. Therapeutic Uses

As an internal remedy, the Syrup is applicable to the same class of cases generally as Iodine, but is preferable where there is profuse discharge or marked relaxation of the mucous membranes or other tissues. The solution (ante) has been found serviceable as an injection in Leucorrha, Gonorrhoea, Vaginitis, and allied affections; also as an application to Ulcerations of the Os Uteri, Hydarthrosis, &c. As an injection in the cure of Varices, it has been employed by M. Desgranges:|| out of seven cases in which he employed it, six proved successful. He found it, however, nearly one-third as weak as the Perchlo-ride of Iron. He advises a trial of its powers in Aneurism.