Citrate of Ammonia. A solution of this salt may be extemporaneously obtained by saturating gr. xx. of the Sesquicarbonate of Ammonia with fl. drs. vj. of Lemon-juice, or with gr. xxvj. of Citric Acid in solution.

Med. Prop. and Action. Febrifuge and refrigerant: it is best taken in the form of effervescing draughts, as above. It will frequently remain on the stomach when other medicines are rejected.

162. Therapeutic Uses

In Gastric Irritation, depending upon an atonic condition of the mucous follicles, the Citrate of Ammonia, in the form of an effervescing draught, is frequently productive of marked benefit.

163. In Diabetes, Dr

Prout* considers the Citrate as the best diaphoretic we can employ. It requires to be steadily persevered in, and should be conjoined with the use of Dover's Powder, or Ipecacuanha.

164. In the later stages of Inflammatory and Febrile attacks, the Citrate, given whilst effervescing, is not only agreeable and refreshing, but it acts as a refrigerant and diuretic. In Scarlet Fever it is favourably spoken of by Dr. Watson, If the pulse is feeble and without hardness, he advises it to be given with an excess of Ammonia. In those cases, it was a favourite mixture of the late Dr. Cheyne.