Formiate of Ammonia. A combination of 1 eq. of Formic Acid and 1 eq. of Oxide of Ammonium. NH4O, C2 HO3.

Med. Prop. and Uses. A general stimulant. It has lately been used by Dr. Ramskill as a stimulant in cases of chronic paralytic disease, accompanied by general torpor. He finds it of greatest use in cases of reflex paralysis; next in those cases, where, from disuse, the muscles and nerves have become unable to convey commands of the will, or to execute movements. It is of equal use in paralysis of sensation as of motion. It is contra-indicated wherever there is reason to suppose activity in or about the seat of the original lesion in the nervous centres, and in all cases of irritable stomach whether the cause be cerebral or not. If given in larger doses than gr. v. it produces vomiting. When it agrees, its administration is followed by a feeling of warmth at the epigastrium. In some forms of Epilepsy it appears to have done good, in others harm. Dr. Ramskill's experience of its use warrants a further trial of this salt.

Dose, gr. v. in water three times a day.