Powder of Ipecacuan and Opium. Pulvis IpecacuanhAe Compositus. Compound Ipecacuan, or Dover's Powder. Prep. Ipecacuan and Opium in Powder aa oz. ss., Powdered Sulphate of Potash oz. iv. Gr. x. contain gr. j. of Opium.

Med. Prop. and Action. Diaphoretic, in doses of gr. v. - x. It is also nar cotic, although the Ipecacuan appears greatly to modify the action of th Opium; at the same time that the nauseating action of the Ipecacuan is controlled by the Opium. It is a very valuable formula, but its operation is far from uniform; in some giving rise to emesis, and very frequently, amongst the Sepoys, to a purgative operation. Diluents, although they promote the diaphoretic action, should be avoided immediately after taking the powder, as, from such a circumstance, it is very apt to be rejected by vomiting.

Dose, gr. v. - x. or more.

1653. Therapeutic Uses

Dysentery. The following treatment, proposed by Dr. Somers, appeared to Sir J. M'Grigor to be so judicious, and proved so successful in the first attacks of pure unmixed Dysentery, that he recommended its general adoption in the army. First, the patient was bled freely; immediately afterwards, gr. xij. of Dover's Powder was administered. This was repeated three times, at the interval of an hour. Plenty of warm Barley Water was at the same time given, and profuse sweating encouraged for six or eight hours. A pill containing gr. iij. of Calomel and gr. j. of Opium was exhibited every second night; and in the intervening days, 3ij. of Epsom Salts in Oij. of light broth. The venaesection was repeated when the strength and the pulse permitted it, until the stools were free or nearly free from blood; and Dover's Powder, as a sudorific, was always given after the blood-letting. When the pains were great, and attended with much tenesmus, the warm bath gave instantaneous relief. This plan being steadily persevered in for a few days, the inflammation of the intestinal canal, which had excited symptomatic fever throughout the system, was found gradually to yield, and to make way for returning health. (Watson.*) Experience has proved that this treatment is very inferior in efficacy and safety to that by Ipecacuanha alone (which see). It has therefore been properly abandoned of late years.

* Cyc. Pract. Med., vol ii. p. 578.

1654. In Granular Disease of the Kidney, Morbus Brightii, it is of the first importance to maintain a free cutaneous discharge, and for this purpose Dover's Powder has been found highly serviceable, in doses of gr. v. - viij., thrice daily. It not only acts as a diaphoretic, but allays the pain and irritability. The warm bath every other evening, or oftener, greatly assists its operation. (Christison.)

1655. In profuse Perspirations, particularly in those which attend hectic fever, you can put a stop to them, remarks Dr. Graves, by giving a few grains of Dover's Powder at bedtime. It is hard to account for this, he observes, but it is a fact.

1656. In the Diarrhoea of Fever, when the symptoms of inordinate vascular determination are present, the evacuations being watery, offensive, or otherwise morbid, Dr. Copland § advises a combination of Dover's Powder and Hydrargyrum cum Creta, in small doses to be given every four or five hours.

1657. In Diabetes, Dover's Powder Is Extremely Valuable

It is particularly recommended by Dr. Prout,|| who advises its combination with full doses of Perri Peroxidum. (See sect.1217.) It should be employed in conjunction with other remedies, which tend to establish a healthy cutaneous action.

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1658. In Calculous Diseases, Dover's Powder is one of the most generally useful palliatives that can be employed. Dr. Prout * speaks highly of its efficacy.

1659. In Chronic Rheumatism, and in some Neuralgic Affections, opiates and sedatives prove eminently serviceable. Both these qualities are found in Dover's Powder, and gr. xij. given at bedtime afford a great amount of comfort and relief.