The Hydrochlorate or Muriate of Ammonia, Chloride of Ammonium, Sal Ammoniac. NH4C1. A compound of Hydrochloric Acid 31.95, and Ammonia 6805 in 100 parts.

*On Stomach and Renal Dis. 3rd Ed. Lectures, vol. ii. p. 822.

Med. Times and Gaz. Jan. 23, 1864, p. 90.

Med. Prop. and Action. The Hydrochlorate is more frequently employed internally by British practitioners than formerly; and the Germans, who use it extensively in a variety of diseases, entertain a high opinion of its alterative and resolvent properties, and consider that its action on the system closely resembles that of mercury. From some interesting experiments with this salt Dr A. Lindsay* considers that it is deserving of a high place amongst our more valuable alterative, resolvent, and liquefacient remedies. In small doses it rather constipates, but in larger ones it purges like other salts (see also sect. 128). In over-doses it acts as an irritant poison. Externally, it is used as a discutient application in Hydrocele, or (from the cold pro duced during its solution) as a cold lotion in Fevers, Hernia, &c Sir A. Cooper's formula was, Potas. Nit., Ammon. Hydrochlor. aa v., Aq. fxvj. M. It is also used as a gargle (oz. ss - Aq fl. oz. xij.).

Dose, gr. v. - gr. xxx. in solution repeated every two to six hours. The addition of liquorice serves to disguise the taste.

Incompatibles. Sulphuric and Nitric Acids; Potassa Lime and Magnesia, Carbonates of Lime and Magnesia, Acetate of Lead, Nitrate of Silver.

167. Therapeutic Uses

Abscess of the Mamma. Milk Abscess. The following lotion, originally prescribed by Justamond. has been found in many cases of great service: -167 Therapeutic Uses 17 Ammon. Hydrochlor. 3j., Spt. Itosmarini Oj , M. Linen rags, wetted with the lotion, to be kept continually to the part. It is chiefly applicable in cases of induration of the mamma, after the abscess has suppurated. In other Glandular Enlargements and Incipient Abscesses it is a very valuable application, and Dr. Lindsay found Indolent Bubo speedily subside under the application of a hot solution (3ij. ad Aq. fj.).