Cinnamomum Cassia, Blum. The Cinnamon Cassia. Nat. Ord. Lauraceae. Hab. China, Java, India. Med. Prop. and Action. Cassia Dark (Cassia Lignea) is an aromatic stimulant and carminative. The oil obtained from it by distillation has similar properties. Cassia buds have also like properties. Cassia Lignea is more astringent than Cinnamon, but forms a good substitute for it. It may be distinguished from the latter by adding Iodine to an aqueous infusion; with Cassia it gives a blue colour; with Cinnamon no change is observed Dote of Cassia Bark, gr. x. - gr. xxx.; of the Oil, gutt. j. - iv.

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Therapeutic Uses. Similar to those of Cinnamomum.