The Laurel, or Sweet Bay. Nat. Ord. Lauraceae. Linn. Syst. Enneandria Monogynia. Hab. Southern Europe. Cultivated in England.

Med. Prop. and Action. The leaves and berries are stimulant and aromatic. They contain a volatile oil, which has similar properties They are rarely used in medicine, excepting externally in the form of embrocation. They do not yield Prussic Acid.

1716. Therapeutic Uses

These are very unimportant. They were formerly used in Amenorrha, in Colic, Flatulence, Coughs, Hysteria, &c, but their internal use is now abandoned.

1717. In Sprains, Bruises, and Paralysis, the expressed oil is occasionally used as a stimulant liniment, but it does not appear to possess any advantage over the ordinary embrocations.

1718. In Impetigo, An Infusion Of Bay Berries Is Stated By Dr

A. T. Thompson to be productive of beneficial results.