Tic Douloureux. Rheumatic Affection of the Face. Dr. Watson states that he has found the Hydrochlorate, in doses of 3ss., repeated four times daily, of great service in numerous cases, particularly when the pain partakes more of a rheumatic than a neuralgic character. It does not always succeed, he adds, but it often does. If the pain does not yield after four doses, you may cease to expect any benefit from it.

Dr. Ebden has found it most successful in many cases, and my own trials with it have been most satisfactory. With regard to its use in various forms of Nervous Headache, Dr. Barrallier§; found that it constantly dissipates fits of Idiopathic Headache, Headache consecutive on Menorrhagia, Headache dependent on functional derangement of the stomach, and that supervening upon fevers, whilst it is powerless to relieve hemicrania dependent on irregularity or suspension of menstruation. By others, however, it has been found of great service in the headache which accompanies amenorrha. It is only useful if given when the pain is most intense.