Copal Balsam. The exuded balsam of Liquidambar Styraciflua, a native of North America; of L. Altingia, of Java; and of L. Orientale, of Cyprus.

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Nat. Ord. Liquidambaraceae. It is also obtained in large quantities from an undetermined tree in the Tenasserim Provinces. Med. Prop. and Action. Stimulant, expectorant. It has often been confounded with Storax, to which, in medicinal properties, it bears a close resemblance. It exercises a powerful influence on the mucous surfaces generally, especially on that which lines the bronchi and air-passages. (See Styrax.) Dose, ex. - exx. in emulsion.

1731. Therapeutic Uses

In Chronic Catarrhs, and in some affections of the Genito- Urinary System, it may prove useful. It is contra-indicated by all inflammatory states.