A radical cure may sometimes be effected by the topical application of a strong discutient lotion. This plan of treatment is chiefly, if not solely, adapted to recent cases, which have arisen from external injury, and those occurring in children. It was first proposed by the late Mr. Keate, in 1788; and was successfully employed, in some cases, by Sir A. Cooper. The lotion employed by both these surgeons was a solution of the Hydrochlorate of Ammonia. Mr. Bransby Cooper || advises the use of the following lotion, a modification of that of Sir A. Cooper: -174 Hydrocele 20 Ammon. Hydrochlor. 3j., Liq. Ammon. Acet. (Ph. L.), Spt. Vin. Rect. aa fj., Aq. Dest. fiv. M. This, after a few applications, produces excoriation of the scrotum, and aids the process of absorption. In Enlarged Prostate the Hydrochlorate internally (gr. xv. - gr. xxx. three or four times a day) has been found very valuable. M. Vanoye¶ relates two cases cured by it. 175. Chronic Pleurisy, Chronic Inflammation of the Lungs, and Chronic Congestion of the Mucous Membranes. In these cases, Sir G. Lefevre* speaks highly of the value of the Hydrochlorate of Ammonia; it is a popular remedy with the German physicians. He recommends the following formula, having derived decided benefit from its use: -Ammon. Hydrochlor. 3j., Ext. Glycyrrh. 3iij., Ant. Tart. gr. ij., Aq. Dest. fviij., M. Dose, a tablespoonful every two or three hours. When the stomach is irritable, the Antimony may be omitted. Dr. Williams advises its combination with decoction of Senega.

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176. Dropsical Affections

The Hydrochlorate has been little employed in England in these affections, but it is held in high esteem in various parts of Europe. It is stated to be particularly useful in dropsy dependent upon hepatic disease; and also in Ovarian dropsy. In the latter affection, where there are so few remedies of even reputed efficacy, it should meet with a fair trial. It is favourably spoken of by Dr. Copland. In passive cases, he advises its combination with warm diuretic infusions.