Lupufina. The yellow pulverulent substance separated from the strobiles of Humulus Lupulus (Hops) by the process of rubbing and sifting.

Med. Prop. and Action. Tonio, sedative, and anaphrodisiac. It produces neither headache, nervousness, constipation, nor any other unpleasant symptoms; in which respects it is superior to Camphor.

Dose, gr. vj. - xij. in powder, with sugar or in pill, or in Tincture (oz. v., Spt. Rect. Oij.), in doses of fl. drm. ss. - fl. drs. ij. By long keeping, it loses much of its efficacy.

1741. Therapeutic Uses

In Nervous Affections, when Opium cannot be tolerated, Eberle found Lupulin peculiarly useful. In Chronic Hysteria, attended with morbid vigilance, he found it, in doses of gr. x. every six hours, afford great relief, without causing any unpleasant effects.

1742. In certain Irritable States of the Generative Organs, it is a remedy of great value. In Gonorrha it was first used by Dr. Byrd Page. who found it effectual not only in removing Chor-dee, but in allaying irritation of the inflamed mucous membrane of the urethra. Whenever it is desirable to keep the penis at rest, as in cases of Chancre, after the operation of Phymosis, during the treatment of Stricture, &c, Lupulin, in doses of gr. v. - x., or even gr. xv., may be resorted to with advantage. In Spermatorrhoea it is a remedy of great power. Amongst others, Dr. Pescheck§ has recorded high testimony in its favour when given in doses of gr. xv. at bedtime. He sometimes added to it gr. j. - ij. of Pulv. Digitalis. It has also been found very serviceable in mitigating the Urethral Irritation and Discharges consequent on former excesses, more so indeed than either Iron or Quinine. A valuable peculiarity in the operation of Lupulin is the beneficial action it exerts on the digestive process, which is so often at fault in these cases. In Nymphomania, it seems well worthy of a fair trial. Herzfelder|| used it with advantage in Nocturnal Incontinence of Urine.

1743. In Scrofula And Scrofulous Affections, Dr

Zambaco¶ states that he employed Lupulin with excellent effects. In Intermittent Fevers** it has been found occasionally effectual in doses of gr. vj. - xij. daily. It is a popular remedy amongst the Neapolitans.

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Lupulus. See Humulus Lupulus.