Club Moss. Nat. Ord. Lycopodi-aceae. Linn. Syst. Cryptogamia Musci. Hab. Mountains of Europe.

Med. Prop. and Action. The sporules are demulcent. They are, however, almost solely used externally in the form of powder or ointment (gr. lx., Adip. oz. j.).

Dose, gr. x. - gr. xx.

1745. Therapeutic Uses

In the Diarrhoea of Infants, it is a popular German remedy. Hufeland speaks favourably of it, and Behrend* recommends the following formula: -1745 Therapeutic Uses 157 Sem. Lycopod. 31j., Aq. Fcenic. fiv., Gum Acac. jj., M. Dose, a tablespoon-ful every bour.

1746. In Excoriation and Erysipelas of the Thighs, Nates, &c. of Children, the sporules are said to be a soothing application. Bouchet says that water glides over the skin which is covered with it, as it would over oil-silk. Rosenstein, Vogel, and others strongly recommend its use, and advise its being appbed in the form of ointment with the Oxide of Zinc and Lard. (Dr. Will-shire.)

1747. In Plica Polonica, Lycopodium Is Considered Almost A Specific

It is used both externally and internally.