Solution of the Bicarbonate of Magnesia. Fluid Magnesia is obtained by subjecting Carbonate of Magnesia, diffused through water, to the action of a current of Carbonic Acid Gas under pressure (Beng. Ph.). It may be extemporaneously prepared by pouring a bottle of ordinary Soda-water over some common light Carbonate of Magnesia in a tumbler.

Med. Prop. and Action. The same as Magnes. Carbonas, but milder. The dose, as an antacid, is fl. drm. ss. - fl. oz. j.; as a purgative, fl. oz. iij., or more.

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If fl. oz. j. is mixed with Citric Acid or Lime-juice, it forms an agreeable effervescing aperient.

Therapeutic Uses. The same as MagnesiAe Carbonas.